• Checkpoint Charlie (The Wall)

    Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie (The Wall) was a gateway between East and West Berlin. Here today there is a part of the Wall that for decades d...

  • Maps of Berlin

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  • Olympic Stadium in Berlin

    More than just the site of the 2006 World Cup final, the Olympic Stadium is first and foremost one of Berlin’s monuments. Built by Hitler for the 1936...

  • When you go to Berlin

    Generally speaking Berlin is rather cold. Temperatures range from a minimum -3°C in the winter months to a maximum 23°C in summer. The cold, often sno...

  • Berlin Christmas Markets

    Berlin Christmas Markets In the Christmas Berlin it’s full of stalls and decorations scattered in various areas of the City. To know all the Chr...

Travel Guide of Berlin

Berlin is an eclectic, always active and continually changing city. The difficult history that has left the city scarred has not, however, prevented it from being young, dynamic and forward looking.

The capital of Germany, it was almost completely destroyed in the Second World War and was then divided for decades between capitalism and communism. Despite the difficult heritage that the city and its inhabitants have faced, this metropolis has always managed to rise up from its own ashes to become one of Northern Europe's top cultural, political and financial centres. Berlin's motto is "Paris is always Paris, Berlin is never Berlin". This expression well represents the ability of the city to change and adapt to the times in which it lives.

Host to one of the most important film festivals, the German capital is home to the country's main avant-garde art and cultural scenes and is a repository of priceless artistic and a... [Continua...]