Altes Museum in Berlin

The antiquities museum has classical Greek, Etruscan and Roman finds. A rather large area of the museum is dedicated to Egyptian culture.

Though not one of the most important Egyptian museums, the Altes Museum has important pieces among which the very famous bust of Queen Nefertiti and the Kalabasha Temple Gate.

Altes Museum
  • Am Lustgarten
  • 10178 Berlin-Mitte
  • Phone: +49(0)30 – 2090-5577
  • Museum Egizio +49(0)30 – 2090-5544
  • E-Mail:
  • All the day from 10am until 6pm
  • Thursday from 10am until 10pm
  • 1st of January from 12am until 6pm
  • 24th of December, 31st of December from 10am until 2pm
  • Ascension: from 10am until 10pm
Tickets for the circuit of Museumsinsel
  • Full
  • Reduction (unemployed, children, students, soldiers, handicap people)
Tickets only for the Antiquity Museum
  • Full
  • Reductions(unemployed, children, students, soldiers, handicap people)
  • Free Entrance: children under 6 years
  • Thursday 4 hours before the closing: free entrance for all the visitors

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